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How is our service different from the agencies?

1. In my opinion the vast majority of Russian bride / Ukrainian bride agencies are scam. Some of them steal photos of women from local Russian social networking sites and use them to create profiles. So the men are just chatting with agency staff letter writers while they think that they are communicating with the women on the photos.

single russian girl

single Russian girl

There are several different ways they scam Western men. In some cases they have women who actually work for them and get paid for having web cam chats with men and in an unlikely event that a man will actually get on the plane and come to Ukraine to visit them they are paid to go out on dates with him as well as get a percentage of everything he spends on apartment rentals, taxi rides, restaurants, etc. It’s a big racket in Ukraine and provides many good looking women with the way to make much better money than they could make by working an honest job. These agencies are very good at selling a beautiful fantasy to unsuspecting men.

2. I read that there are a few more or less honest agencies who at least try to dobusiness the honest way. Their’ sites are still being used by scammers who sign up pretending to honestly be looking for a Western man, then once they hook a few guys they ask them to send money, etc. But once a man makes a complait to the agency at least an honest agency will remove the offender. But it’s very hard for them to keep up and even agencies who are considered honest still usually have lots of scammer profiles on their sites.

3. Truth is that the vast majority of Russian women do not look specifically for foreign men. Most Russian women that you see on “Russian Bride” agency sites wound up there because they either responded to ads for work, contests and parties in the local media (newspapers, magazines, TV ads) or they were directly recruited by agency reps. Rarely you will find women on agency sites who put up their profile there because they are sincerally looking for a foreign man for marriage. read more here:

Girls like my wife do not sign up with mail order bride agencies. They are very close to their family and friends, have a career and lead a balanced, wholesome lifestyle. They have nothing to run away from! They are not looking to move to another country! That’s the kind of girl you do want to marry! She married me because of who I am, because she fell in love with me and could invision having a family, children, having her future with me. If you are looking for women who are trying to get out of Ukraine, Moldova or Russia you may just become a stepping stone for a woman with ulterior motives.

4. Say that now you have spent a few years on your search, made several trips to Ukraine or Russia, was able to separate reality from fanatasy, and now you found a woman that you think may be the one. Maybe she can even speak some English, but she is far from fluent. How important do you think it is to get to know her really well, make sure that you are not just guessing but rather truly understand each other’s personality, sense of humor, values and goals in life? This is the part where so many men try to cut corners and wind up getting married while neither him or her have a real, deep understanding of who the other person is. Eliminating the language and cultural barriers will give you a much better chance at marrying the right woman for you. Hiring a local translator in Ukraine is a step in the right direction but reality is that almost none of them spent any time living in an English speaking country, so their English skills are limited to what they learned in Ukraine/Russia.Basically they are not familiar with much of the slang, idioms, figure of speach, sense of humor used in the English speaking countries so their ability to help bridge the language and cultural barrier is still somewhat limited.

It is important to mention that though I was born and raised in Russia I have been living in the US for over 30 years and I am a US citizen. I was married to an American woman for 15 years and later in my early 40s I found myself divorced and trying to find a reasonably attractive, family oriented woman for a serious relatonship/marriage. I don’t need to tell you how hard it is to find an in-shape, attractive, marriage minded, sain woman under 35 in America. So after a couple of years of trying here, I decided that I was going to find a wife in Russia and bring her over to the US. I was able to find her in about 3 months and now we have been married for 7 years and raising 2 beautiful kids together.

The reason I was able to accomplish this so quickly is because I am a native Russian speaker. Like most of you I’ve encountered scammers when I first started looking but it only took me a couple of days to figure the whole thing out. So I skipped the agencies and started chatting with girls on local Russian dating sites that were in
Russian language.
I now basically replicate the method I used to find my wife when working with my clients. I went through the entire process of finding, getting to know, dating and bringing my wife from Russia to the USA so to put it in the words of the famous hair club for men commercial: “I’m not only the owner, I’m also a client”.

Unlike any “Russian bride agency” I offer a highly personalised, one-on-one, concierge style service. Becuase of the time I put in working with a client I can only work with a couple of men at a time. My clients never have to deal with scam, prodaters or dishonest agencies. With my help they directly contact many Russian women on local Russian dating and social networking sites, find a good connection with some of them, become friends with romantic possibilities and then we fly to Russia or Ukraine together to meet these women face to face.

Stage 1 normally lasts 2 to 4 months and I put in anywhere between 130 to 140 hours during this time starting with creating and validating your profile on several local Russian dating sites, searching and helping you to make initial contacts with Russian women, translating letters and translating 3-way phone and Skype conversations. I will also be providing guidence on ways to get Russian women interested in you along with being a relationship coach and giving valuable cultural
I will work for you for up to 140 hours, averaging about 3 to 4 hours a day including weekends during this stage. I will also be helping you organise your FSU trip: finding apartments or hotels in Russia or Ukraine, scheduling dates, arranging transportation and transfers, etc.

Stage 2 is you and I travelling to the FSU together to meet and date the women you found the best connection with during stage 1. I will serve as your guide and translator, logistics coordinator, your wingman, cultural adviser, your sounding board providing instant feedback and your relationship coach and adviser.
I will be at your disposal pretty much 24/7 (but do allow me some sleep to function properly)

It makes sense to hire a consultant to help, just like you would hire a consultant in business to get expert advice and mentoring. Eveyone knows in business, this makes good sense because it can save the company plenty in time and money. I’m sure you know that there is a big ROI (return on investment) for hiring consultants for things you are not an expert in…
the same applies when going to Russia for a wife. Like most things in life it’s pay now or pay later.

single Ukraine girl

single Ukrainian woman

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