A database of single Russian women


A database of single Russian women

We often get asked if we have this or that type of woman that a guy is interested in. This blog should explain what we do a little better.

My service is different because it’s a very personal, one-on-one concierge
type service that saves my clients years of searching, takes most of the
guesswork out of the equation, completely removes the language barrier,
provides them with relationship advice, and when we travel to the FSU I
serve as their wingman, logistics coordinator, 24/7 translator/interpreter,
cultural and relationship adviser and simply being a good friend that they
can trust and count on.

The main difference is that I’m not an agency and do not have a database of women.
I help my clients with creating a pool of eligible Russian women who fit their criteria
and who are interested in getting to know them. These women are outside of
the corrupt mail order bride industry and since I am a native Russian
speaker we find and contact them on local Russian social networking sites
which are free and direct contact with no middle man involved.

I know how to talk to Russian women and how to get them interested and
I help my clients with that. Once a woman responds and shows that she is
interested, my clients continue the conversation directly.

I translate their letters both ways as well as translate their skype and
phone conversations (unless a woman speaks good English and they prefer to
chat by themselves). Some of my clients need a lttle help and advise on what
works best when writing to a Russian woman. There are cultural differences
and some things that may work with an American woman might be interpreted
negatively by a Russian woman.
When I translate letters I always contact my client and consult with him if
I feel that some changes need to be made. This tremendously increases our
clients’ success rate with Russian women.

Most importantly the women my clients contact and develop relationships with
are not part of the mail order bride industry and are not seeking to move to
another country or to find a foreign man. The only reason they would be
interested in talking and getting to know my client is because they find him
attractive and interesting. This part alone eliminates a lot of problems
(i.e. scam, prodaters, Green Card Girls, women with ulterior motives, etc)
that are normally associated with mail order bride agencies which most of
the men use when they start their search for a Russian wife. We find Russian
and Ukrainian women on local Russian social networking sites where there are
literally millions of single women advertising, looking for a good man. This
process is very time consumming and involves going through thousands of profiles,
contacting hundreds of women, exchanging mails with the ones who reply, etc.

Unlike most service providers my clients are not limited to searching for
women only in Ukraine. I strongly believe that one should look for the right
woman and not for the “right” place. My clients found their wives all over the world, some in
Russia, some in Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova.
I’ve had clients that found their Russian wives in countries like Spain,
Greece and even locally in Canada and the USA! We search for women
everywhere on Russian social networking sites. My clients talk to many
women, find a good connection with a few and then we go meet them where ever
they may live.
I’ve been helping men find wives in the FSU for 6 years now so off course my
method is always evolving and I learn something new working with each new
client. The bottom line is that it always works so long as a man doesn’t
have issues preventing a successful result.

Another important point to consider is that I am a native Russian speaker
who has lived in the USA for over 30 years and who really knows and
understands Western/American culture and mentality like no local translator
in Russia or Ukraine would. My knowledge of English, American slang, idioms
and figure of speech I dare to say is superior to a local translator who has
never spent any significant amount of time in an English speaking country.
My fluent knowledge of both Russian and English completely eliminates the
language and cultural barrier and helps both the man and the woman involved
to really get to know each other on a deeper level. Communication is the key
in this persuite, therefor having some one with my knowledge and experience
working for you adds tremendous value.
I do possess a lot of specialised knowledge and experience to help my
clients successfully achieve their objective.

You will probably spend as much money working with me as you will spend
using other methods. But the big difference is that instead of spending
years on this search learning the ropes, getting scammed, making useless
trips, having your heart broken by the prodaters and women with ulterior
motives you will accomplish your search quickly, painlessly and will really
enjoy the adventure without most of the stress associated with this venture.
Most of my clients find their soul mates in a matter of about 4 months and
my success rate is close to a 100%. However, to be fair I only accept
clients who have realistic expectations and without “issues”.


  1. Calib

    How do I get started

    • Ed

      You can start the process by clicking the “Start” link on the main menue and filling out the confidential questionnaire. Once I have the chance to review it I will get back to you with more information.

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    sergio estrella12-27-2012

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