Russian women with children


Dating Russian women with children

Many men who want to start a family prefer to find a Russian woman who doesn’t have children yet.

Russian women with children

Russian women with children

If a guy is young enough, not older than in his early 40s it is realistic and possible. There are many Russian women in their late 20s or very early 30s who would consider marriage to a Western man of that age range and who have no children yet.

When a WM is approaching 50 years old and up, looking for a woman with a child makes a lot more sense IMO. Here’s why:
Since the most realistic age gap shouldn’t be wider than 15 years (in most cases) that puts the age of the women a late 40s to early 50s guy would be searching for in the mid 30s and up range. Most normal RW would have had a child by then. I occasionally come across women in their mid and even late 30s who are childless and through the years I learned that it’s almost inevitable that these childless women have “issues”. Initially my clients get excited about finding a woman of that age range without a child, but later always make a decision to move on because certain personality issues do seem to always pop up in the course of correspondence and getting to know each other.
So basically in most cases there is a reason why these Russian women are both single and childless… Off course some couldn’t have a child for health reasons but I haven’t come across any one of those. Usually it was more about being selfish, self-absorbed, or having psychological and even psychiatric issues.
Another thing to consider is that most local Russian men in their 40s and 50s would also prefer to date/marry a Russian woman without a child so the competition for an attractive, childless yet “normal” woman in her 30s can be pretty tough. On the other hand there are plenty of beautiful single Russian women with a child in their late 20s and 30s who have limited options of serious male prospects in the FSU (Former Soviet Union) and who would definitely consider a Western men if they find him attractive, interesting and trustworthy and if they feel that he can provide love and security for both her and her child. Paying lots of special attention to the child will help you build a relationship with the mother. It’s a package deal and you have to learn to accept the child as your own and treat him/her as such. This is a must in order to find the way to her heart and make a marriage work (it goes without saying that you have to treat the woman right, off course!).

Marrying a Russian woman with a child can be more complex

One thing that you will have to deal with is getting a written permission from the child’s father (if he is alive) to leave Russia or Ukraine to become a permanent resident of another country. In most cases this can be easily negotiated though.

Kids require a lot of patience, love, attention and understanding. If you don’t have any experience raising kids of your own, have a short temper, little patience and are too “set in your ways” you might want to think twice about marrying a Russian woman with a child.

  1. Roy

    I enjoyed the information. I would prefer a lady with children. My ex-wife had to wonderful daughters when I married her. They still call me dad to this day, and we continue to have a daughter dad relationship even after the divorce.

  2. Ed

    Most normal Russian women in their 30s do have children so finding a Russian woman with a child is in fact quite easy.
    You shouldn’t have a problem, Roy.
    Most guys who get in touch with me are seeking a Russian woman or a woman from Ukraine without a child which is not hard to find among Russian women in their 20s but gets a lot harder when searching for Russian women in their mid thirties and older.
    One thing to note is that many Russian and Ukrainian women who are around 40 years old and older have children, but they are already grown and out of the house.

  3. michael hoover
    michael hoover03-25-2012

    I’m looking to get married to a beautiful russian woman,what is involved to make this a reality?

    • Ed

      in short: you have to contact a bunch of women who fit your criteria. Then write lettes to the ones who respond and indicate that they are interested in getting to know you better. You will talk to many women but will find a genuine connection with a few. Once you know which few you’d like to meet face to face we plan a trip. We go, meet them, you date them, find out who you have the best chemistry and connecton with. I recommend that you take your time and go at least one more time to visit just the one lady that you found that special connection and chemistry with. This time spend more time and see only her, no one else. If all feels good and you are ready to go to the next step you can file an application for the fiancee visa (if you are in the USA, it works diffeent for Canadians). Once the visa is approved she can come over here for a period of 90 days. If you both decide that you want to be married you have to do it within the 90 day period that the visa is good for. If you don’t marry she has to go back. If you do get married the next step would be to apply for the change of status and a social security number for your wife.
      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions.

      • Sott

        Hi Ed,

        I am a 46 year old man living in a very remote, cold village in Aaska with my 15 year old son where I am a second grade teacher. I am looking for a sincere, sweet, cute, hight and weight appropriate, woman to marry and spend the rest of our lives together. Do you think there are women between the ages of 40 and 50, with or without children, who would be interested in living in such a place? I also am not a man of means and will not be able to travel for a face to face meeting, are there other means of getting acquainted with women who may be interested in me? Thank you for the information and for helping so many men and women find happiness.


  4. sam

    hey there,

    well i would like to get a marriage with woman who has child.
    i am 26 years old. and i hope i find what i am looking for 🙂
    contact me by my email if you got someone!

    thanks. sam!

  5. wayne vaughan
    wayne vaughan08-21-2017

    hi my name is Wayne. i am 37 year old. i live in boulder co
    i am looking for a long trem relationship
    a real Russian girl.
    trust and honest that is real person.

    • Ed

      Hi Wayne, I might be able to help you. The best place to start is to click the “START” link on the menue and fill out the confidential questionnaire. I will get back to you shortly after I receive it.

  6. blair

    I be man marry you I’m 24 cute male

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