Google Translate – Can it replace a live Interpreter?


Google Translate used by beautiful russian women 

How do you find the right woman for you in Russia, Ukraine or anywhere else in the FSU? Most Western men struggle to separate Russian women scam from the real Russian and Ukrainian women who are genuinely looking for their soul mate. But even if you succeed in finding a sincere one how do you know for sure that she is your real Russian match ?

Communication, free of the language barrier is the key when you look for a life partner who comes from a different culture and speaks a different language. Using an online electronic translator like Google Translate can help, but electronic translation has its limitations. As a bilingual person, I found that overall you get about 40 to 50% of the translation correct using Google Translate so you can get the gist of it, but if things like slang, idioms or figure of speech are used it is practically impossible to understand and undesirable consequences may follow should you decide to use Google Translate to help you communicate with Russian women.

Google Translate won’t work for slang, humor and idioms.

For example, I had a client last year who is a US ranger. He started communicating with a beautiful Russian girl who was very down to earth, very well-educated and who had very limited English skills. After I had translated several letters that they had written to each other, she suggested that they use Google Translate. She told him to write to her in English and she would just use Google Translate to translate his letters. She thought by doing this, a live translator would no longer be needed and she would learn English in the process. So he complied with her request and sent her the letter in English.
In the letter, he described how he spent his day looking for bad guys in the park and how beat he was. A couple of days went by, but he never heard back from her. We looked if she has logged on the site in these past days and we could see that she did and that she did read the letter, but still no response from her. Then I decided to run his letter through google translate and see what it looks like in Russian. When I saw what a “wonderful” job Google Translate did with his letter, I quickly became very concerned. It was clear that unless we take some measures, we would never hear from this wonderful Russian girl ever again. The way Google Translate interpreted: “I was looking for bad guys in the park all day and now I’m really beat” sounded like: “I like watching bad boys in the park and beat them up” in Russian! At that point in their correspondence, she didn’t know that he was a police officer, so this translation by Google Translate made him sound like a complete pervert!
With some quick work, I was able to salvage that situation. Not long after, we flew to Russia to meet her. A few months later, he went back to Russia again and spent a month with her. They are now in the K-1 visa process and this story will now have a happy ending. But this budding relationship almost ended because of the bad translation by Google Translate.

Google Translate can be a valuable tool but it can also ruin a budding relationship.

I see many men who communicate with Russian women on Skype lose the women because of misunderstandings that happen using Google Translate, like the one above. When searching for your soul mate in Russia, you need to learn more about her (and she you) on a deeper level, with no language barrier complicating and distorting things. A good live translator / interpreter who is fluent in both languages is the key to success here. If you do not use one, you are gambling with your (and her) life. If you think you are “saving” money by not using one, think of how much the divorce is going to cost you. This is definitely not where you want to be frugal! It’s OK to use google translate for very simple, basic communications but when you want to get to know some one on a deeper level google translate may not be the way to go.

Google Translate from a bilingual person’s  point of view.

In my opinion Google Translate can be a useful tool for a very basic communication when nothing important is at stake.  When using Google Translate stay away from using slang, idioms, figure of speech and jokes and try to make your sentences as simple as possible. I have seen Google Translate completely reverse the meaning of what a person wanted to communicate. When using Google Translate you can use this strategy: After you let Google Translate perform the translation from English to Russian, reverse the settings and let Google Translate translate it back from Russian to English and see what the result is.

So, if you must use an electronic translator Google Translate is probably one of the best available on-line for free. But keep in mind that there will be plenty of errors so exercise caution and use Google Translate to do the reverse translation described above. A live person is still going to be your best bet. Google Translate doesn’t stand a chance next to a professional interpreter.

Google Translate can be a good thing. Google Translate can be a bad thing. Google translate can be a useful tool. Google Translate can completely change the original meaning intended. Bad translation by Google Translate can drive a woman away. Use Google Translate only for very basic communications. Google Translate is free, so you can’t beat the price, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for…

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