Trip to Kiev

trip to Kieve, Ukraine

Trip to Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev trip report

10-14-2011 through 11-05-2011


Another trip to Kiev, a beautiful city in the summer, not as pretty in the fall, but we got lucky and the weather was relatively nice. Although I always have to adjust to the temperature change going from the upper 80s in Florida to around 40 – 45 in Kiev. At least the weather was dry and it only rained a couple of times during the 3 weeks that we were there.

Well, we had everything set – I had 2 apartments booked (a 2 room apartment for us and a 1 room apartment for the ladies, in the same building 3 floors down from us) with the same landlady I dealt with a couple of times before, dates arranged and looking forward to arriving to Kiev on October 15Th.

“Dugger” , a young looking, in good shape 57 y.o. very likable Canadian man contacted me sometime in June of 2011 and after talking with several of my former clients decided to retain me to assist him in finding his potential girlfriend, fiancee and hopefully wife in due time. He had some FSU experience – went to Ukraine on an AFA tour, so he had some knowledge of what Ukraine is like.
Dugger and I started working sometime in the end of July. The first couple of months we were very busy contacting many women from all over FSU, not excluding any FSU country/area. I believe that one should look for the right woman and that special connection, rather than “the right place”.
Dugger chatted with probably around 30 or 40 women that he found attractive and who showed interest in getting to know him, and after about 8 weeks of that it became obvious that he was developing a nice, special connection/friendship with 7 of them.

One of the women, who was from Russia was too young for him IMHO and I advised him not to get too emotionally invested in that relationship because IMO there was a very low probability that anything serious would develop between them. Dugger did like the girl, however I felt that it was more of a curiosity thing on her part and in addition the age gap was too wide. But then again, you just never know in life so we figured that if it was logistically feasible we’d make a stop in her city so they could at least meet and spend a couple of days together getting to know each other in person.

All other ladies were IMO better suited for Dugger in terms of age and were in their late 30s to early 40s, all very attractive. So now Dugger had to decide who he was going to see, where and for how long.

“Z” (the young one, way too young for him IMO) was from Samara, Russia.
“V” – a 40 yo blond widow from a small city not too far from Minsk, Belarus.
“T” – a vivacious, sexy 41 yo musician also from Belarus
“A” – a beautiful, artistic 39 year old from Moldova
“N” – A pretty 39 yo woman from Kerch, Ukraine with a 1.5 year old baby boy who spoke good English, so Dugger and her chatted for a couple of months without me having to translate for them. The downside was that was that I had no idea what she was about.
“M” – A very pretty 40 year old blond from Pyatigorsk, Russia – not far from the Black Sea and Ukraine
“S” – a pretty 37 year old from Donetsk, Ukraine

Logistically it would make a lot more sense for us to set up in Kiev and invite the women to come to Kiev for a few days to meet and get to know each other face to face. It would take several additional days for us to travel to each location, plus we would have to get visas for Belarus and Russia. So we decided that Dugger would suggest to them a short vacation in Kiev where he would take care of their travel expenses and would have a separate apartment for them to stay at.

The young “Z” declined meeting in Kiev because of her job, but I actually felt relieved because I was worried that meeting and spending a few days with her would be a complete waste of time (as far as finding a woman for marriage is concerned).
“S” also couldn’t come, although she wanted to see Dugger in Donetsk. But we felt that she hasn’t shown enough interest to justify that special effort of travelling to Donetsk just to see her particularly that Dugger felt a much stronger connection with the other women.
A couple of weeks before the trip “M” had a serious problem with her 19 yo son and decided not to come either.
So Dugger now had 4 women to see and these 4 were the strongest connection and the best possibility women for him anyway.

We also had a couple of “back up plan” women to date in Kiev in case something changed and he had any free days.
Alright, scheduling every one to make sure there were no overlaps wasn’t an easy task but it all worked out perfect with only 2 days without having a date locked in. But now we are all set and ready to rock n’ roll!
Our flights are booked so that we meet in Kiev at Borispol airport and we arrive within 2 hours from each other. Dugger gets there at 14:20 and I arrive at 16:20.
So my wife and daughters see me off at SRQ airport. I first have to fly to Atlanta, then Amsterdam and then Kiev. Not an easy trip, but not as bad as going somewhere in Siberia.


So I’m at Borispol airport in Kiev, went through passport control – quick and easy, they now did away with the immigration form, Dugger is there waiting for me. Always nice to finally see a person in real life after talking on Skype every day for 3 months. I get us a cab and negotiate the price down to 160 Grivna ($20)which includes him stopping and waiting for us while I get a SIM card for my unlocked phone. Got the card, called the landlady – already waiting for us at the apartment. be there in 20 minutes. Got there, signed the lease took a shower and hit the pillow. Thank God!!!
Tomorrow morning “V” is arriving from Belarus so we have to get up early to meet her at the train terminal.

To be continued…

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