Mail order bride scam


Mail order bride scam

Another form of mail order bride agency scam is that many agencies (particularly in Ukraine) get young beautiful girls to model for a photo session. Those photos are placed on agency’s web site and represented as “single Russian girl looking for marriage to a foreign man”. They create a profile which usually states that she would accept a ridiculously wide age gap (i.e a 20 years old gorgeous girl looking for a man up to 50 or 60 years old). An agency would have several staff translators and as soon as a Western man signs up these staff translators start writing letters from the profile that they created using the models pictures and an unsuspecting man then starts communicating with the translator thinking all the time that he is talking to the girl in the pictures while in reality the girl in the pictures doesn’t even know that he exists.

Meanwhile, he is paying the agency for each letter both ways. This is why when a new guy signs up with a mail order bride agency he gets lots of messages from “beautiful young girls”. Plenty of men wind up spending considerable amount of money writing to women who don’t know they exist while professional translators and the agency are making pretty good money. I read a statistic that only about 5 % of men actually do get on the plane to visit these girls. In this event an agency contacts the girl on the picture ( who is supposedly in love with the guy) and tells her that she must go out at least on one date with the guy and of course she will be getting a fee for doing that. She gets a quick briefing on what the guy has been writing about himself. The rest will be field in by the translator on a date since the translator has been communicating with the guy all this time and knows all the details. If the guy asks his date a question that she doesn’t know the answer to the translator will “translate” so that the girl’s response fits just right.

Normally when the guy calls the next day to set up the second date the girl becomes very sick or her grandma is suddenly in a hospital with a very serious condition and a girl must spend the rest of the week at her bedside. The helpful agency will set up the guy with substitute dates (for an additional fee of course) but those women normally are also getting paid to go out with him. Everybody gets a cut of what he spends paying for his apartment in Ukraine, taxi services, restaurants etc. Everybody is happy except for a poor guy who just spent 6 or 7 grand for nothing, lost a bunch of time and in some cases had his heart broken. You’d be surprise how many men fall in love with the beautiful pictures of the women they never met. More about mail order bride scam later…

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    Nicholas Scott (senior leader)05-04-2012

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