My Story

my story

Several years ago I found myself divorced, living in Tampa Bay, Florida and trying to find a reasonably attractive woman for a serious relationship, marriage and creating a family with. But the single women I was meeting were either feminists acting like men, or gold diggers who were only interested in what kind of car I drive, my net worth, etc. or BBWs – “Big Beautiful Women” (I’m sorry many of them are wonderful people, but personally I don’t find obesity beautiful).

I was getting very frustrated with the situation but didn’t want to compromise and settle. So I decided to look for a wife in Russia, where I was born. There are millions of single. gorgeous, feminine (not feminist!) warm hearted women who are struggling to find a decent non-drinking, non-cheating man to have a family with in Russia. Statistically there are a lot more available, marriage minded women there than men, and when I went back to Russia I was amazed at how many beautiful single girls walk around in groups on Saturday night…That was an awesome sight!!!

I had an urgent family business to take care of and then return to the USA because of my work so I didn’t have the time to meet and get to know someone while I was there, but I decided that I was gonna meet a girl from the old country and bring her to the USA. It took me a little while and I did it! I then helped a couple of my buddies to find and marry beautiful Russian girls (They call me almost every day still thanking me for my help) They also told me that I should offer my expertise and services to other men who are serious about finding a family oriented, honest woman from Russia. With my help you can meet REAL Russian women who are outside of the usual agency circuit, by contacting them in their native language on LOCAL Russian dating and social networking sites that are the Russian equivalent of Myspace, Facebook or

My Story

I was born in Russia but immigrated to the US over 30 years ago.
I’m now 51 year old, American citizen, and 7 years ago I married a beautiful 25 yo girl from Russia (She is 32 now). We have 2 beautiful babies together, and life is wonderful and exciting again! My big advantage to successfully fulfilling many men’s dream is that I am a native Russian speaker and know the culture. I can recognize a scammer in a minute, figure out if a woman is sincere, or if she has an ulterior motive for talking to you, and give you some insight into her personality that only a native Russian speaker can give you.

There are quite a few scammers out there, but don’t lose hope, because there are also many gorgeous, feminine, kind, honest and sincere women, just waiting for their prince to sweep them off their feet! You just have to know where to look for them and how to talk to them! I know how to access more than 8 million direct contact profiles of single Russian women! No agencies! No middle man!

The statistics are definitely in your favor in Russia. When I was there with a client a month ago I heard on the radio official statistic that there was ten million more women than men in Russia. Therefore if you know what you are doing you CAN wind up with a gem you’ve been dreaming of!

So this is my story. Dreams can come true!                        My story