Political situation is getting worse…


It’s April 2015 and the political situation is getting more tense. Russian women have been bombarded with a non-stop anti-American propaganda on local Russian media so they have become more and more hesitant about a relationship with a man from the USA. Yes it is still possible to find and marry a beautiful, family oriented woman from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus or Moldova, but it would require more effort, more time and money than even a year ago.

I guess business is still booming for the big Russian Bride / Mailorder bride agencies who continue to sell a beautiful fantasy to unsuspecting, naive men. Men who spend thousands of dollars on chats and trips just to find out that “suddenly” his girl lost interest (after all passionate letters), or her grandma is “suddenly” in the hospital and near death. You would think that with all the good info available now days on line men would do their research and educate themselves, but this is not the case. And so it goes 🙂

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