Realistic expectations


Realistic expectations when searching for Russian women.

Russian wifeAnother important factor in looking for a Russian wife is having realistic goals and expectations.
Keeping the age gap within reason is one area where a lot of men fail. I realise that when you guys go on mail order bride agency sites you see many Young, sexy 20 year old beauties in their bikinis who say in their profile that they are looking for a man up to 50 or 60 years old. Pahleeeze!!! Don’t believe the hype! This is not real. You are being sold a fantasy, it’s that simple. First of all a single, beautiful 20 year old wouldn’t even be interested in marriage in most cases, particularly to a foreigner. She is most likely in school, thinking of her future career and has 10 local, good looking young guys chasing after her. You are just helping her to put herself through school. Most single girls don’t start thinking about marriage until age 25 or older.
The vast majority of women on local Russian dating sites, that do not cater to foreign men, set their age parameters within 5 to 10 year age gap. Surely if a man is very good looking and is in great shape some women might accept a wider age gap – 15 and even 20 years but those would be more of an exception, not the rule. If you set your age gap expectations within 5 to 15 years you’ll have a much better chance of finding a good match, and a relationship that will last.

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