Russian Bride Scam


Russian Bride Scam

Part 1.

Many of you have probably been approached by “Russian girls” on sites like or yahoo personals.

russian bride scam

Russian bride scam

First, you are pleasantly surprised that such a cute girl who also happens to be under 180 lbs. wrote to you. Then she shares with you she actually lives in Ukraine. The way the scam works she (but it even can be a he) then emails you a few pictures, after a few letters she totally falls in love with you. She/he knows how to push all the right buttons and get your guard down. She gives you a sob story about how poor she is or that her parents died in an auto accident and how dark and miserable her life is without receiving your letters everyday. Then she asks her poor sick grandma for her blessing to be with you. Blessing granted. And now she is discussing coming to visit you in the US or Canada. You had stopped thinking with your big head after second email with a bunch of sexy pictures so a prospect of these sexy Russian beauty right to your door step excites your imagination. The date is set and her travel agent is arranging for her visa. She has to borrow money from her sick grandma who will now have to starve for about a year for her ticket and visa but your girl got a really good heart so no way she would ask you to pay for her ticket and visa. That’s what grandmas are for after all! It’s two days before her flight you can’t sleep after reading your letters where she describes how she can’t wait to feel that first embrace to be in your arms and let the passion take over. Suddenly, you get an email she is all panicky telling you that she just got a call from her travel agent who told her that in order for her to get a visa she needs to have 3 thousand dollars in cash while she is in your country. These money is the proof that she has enough funds to support her self while she is visiting your country. She tells you that she may be able to borrow another 1200 dollars from somebody but she is still 1800 dollars short (these numbers may vary). She tells you that she is crying because she is so upset that her dream of being with you may not come true. So if you want to make this happen there is only one thing you can do – send the balance of 1800 dollars by Western Union so she can get it in time to pick up the visa and fly to your country the next day. You are torn. On one hand your big head is sending you warnings and your subconscious is screaming at you :” don’t do it! don’t do it!” but your little head has a stronger “mind”. The struggle is over and you are running to a Western Union office to make sure she gets your money on time. There is a couple of versions of what happens next:

1. you never hear from her again.

2. she tells you that after she got the money she got robbed on the way home so if you want us to be together you have to send another 1800 dollars. So now you have to make a decision to either send more money and hope for the best or forget the whole thing and never know if she was for real. She is very sexy (or at least the photos she emailed you are) so you send the money. The story ends there. You will make an attempt to hire an investigator in Russia since you think you have her passport copy that she emailed you earlier but the passport was probably stolen and her picture replaced the photo of the original owner. So you make a few angry posts on the Internet and generally feel hurt and disillusioned about being scammed.

More about different types of Russian bride scam later….

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