Russian women : Best time to search for them


Are some months better than others to start searching for Russian women?

I have been helping Western men to search for Russian women for almost 7 years now and during this time I noticed certain patterns.

Trying to search for Russian women in December is a waste of time pretty much. New Year’s eve is the biggest holiday in Russia and Ukraine and women start getting ready for it a few weeks in advance. During this time they are preoccupied

find Russian women


with the preparations and responding to a letter from some foreign guy from across the ocean is not on her priority list. Single women are hoping to meet a local guy at a New Year’s party they are shopping for presents for their loved ones and for a new outfit for the party. The holiday lasts until January 10th in Russia, then they go back to work and focus on getting back to their routine. So in my experience the months of December and January is probably the worst time to search for Russian women.

single Russian women

Russian women

Second worst time to start your search for Russian women  is summer, July and August in particular. Like other Europeans Russians get 4 weeks vacation time and most Russian women prefer to take vacations in the summer and go somewhere where they can enjoy the sea and the beach.

The best time to start your search for Russian women

The best time to start searching for Russian women is February and through springtime all the way up to the beginning of summer. Once the excitement of the New Year’s holiday is over and many Russian women get dumped by Russian men that they met over the holiday, Russian women settle back into their daily routine and spend those long, cold Russian winter nights alone with no one to keep them warm. Now is the right time to approach them. And if you know how to talk to Russian women, how to get their interest this is the best time to start a conversation. Spring is also great. The snow is melting, the nature is waking up and there is a smell of romance in the air above Russia. Russian women crave finding love, romance and relationship during this time.

Searching for Russian women in the fall

So now summer is over, Russian women have returned from their vacation, many got dumped by their “summer romance” local Russian guys, back to work and the routine. This is another opening for a Western man to approach Russian women and work on developing a relationship with them. You have September through the end of November to make it happen.

Good luck in your search for Russian women! And if you need help please do not hesitate contacting me.

single Russian women

Russian women

  1. Wolf

    I would highly recommend you talk to ED here. Having an escort on a planed visit will show the lady you are serious about this choice. Take it from one that has been there and failed. There are allot of surprises along the way to learning.

  2. will before
    will before04-07-2013

    Something that came to my mind yesterday and wanted to pass on. My friends bought me a Speed-dating ticket from GroupOn as a gag gift, so I went. As expected, the turnout and quality of American women was dismal (which was no surprise) but the quality of guys was pretty high (employed, not obsese, conversational). I spent my whole time hanging out with other dudes and making single friends in my new city, so all was not lost. Anyway, I think there are lots of possibilities for future Real Russian Match clients at these events. The emotional let down alone from yet another venue of failing to even get a glimpse of relationship worthy girl is profound (even I felt the depression and I don’t intend on marrying an American woman and just went for the already paid for food and drinks that came with my gag gift). In our instance, several of the guys exchanged cards and then went out together after the failed speed dating and the conversation was all about where to find a girl. I mentioned your website ( to one of the guys and he was at pretty receptive to the idea of a concierge service, especially for having never even considered a foreign marriage. I wish you could attend these speed dating events, exchange cards and meet up for drinks after the event with the guys and tell them about your much needed service. Just a thought, who knows if it will work…have a good one and look forward to heading abroad and finding a great wife for with me.

  3. Jassim

    Hi im looking for nice women for marry

  4. Phillip Taylor
    Phillip Taylor05-31-2013

    am English looking for a Russian wife do you think that could be you?

  5. Erik

    I am happily married to a Russian woman from Ukraine, and I regularly get questions about help to find a Russian or FSU wife from people I meet. I think I will send them here, as my way does not work for all. I worked 2.5 years in FSU, and I speak Russian. I want to add some comments though: Before expecting a russian woman to go to your country, consider going to Russia. Really. I am serious. I you live there for 1-2 years, you will inevitably find a real russian woman to your liking. Learn Russian. This will increase the available “marked” by orders of magnitude and let you communicate with non-english speaking and even for the english speaking let you communicate with her family and friends. Russian is a beautiful language, and you can start by on-line and CDROM classes. Then move to language school in Russia in your holidays. now this is commitment from your side, and “good” russian girls feel that. Last : Woman with child will have much more realistic expectations to what life can bring her than “princess Natasha” who wants the foreign prins on the white horse. Treat the child as your own, and the child will treat you as his/her father. Childless women will often be impatient to get pregnant. Mother have more time, because they already have a child. Just my thoghts.

  6. Chris

    Id like to find a Russian gal. But I’m not really sure where to find one either and I have no idea where to start to be honest.

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