Russian women info


I am very frustrated that so many men start their search for a Russian woman without first educating themselves on the subject. As a result most just get scammed.

russian women info

russian women info

I put a list of a few things you must know before you spend a cent on this venture.

1. In order to bring a Russian woman to the US you will have to file a K-1 visa for her. It is also called a fiancee visa and the paperwork has to be filed with USCIS (
2. Not every man qualifies for the K-1. There are income requirements (you will have to provide USCIS with the copy of your 1040 tax return for the last 3 years), among other documents you have to have proof that you had met your girl face to face (photos of you and your girl together, airline tickets, hotel receipts, etc will be needed).

3. There are many misconceptions about Russian women, i.e. “Russian women want to get out of Russia or Ukraine and come to live in America”. Things changed a lot since the 1990s so you will benefit greatly from researching this a bit further and getting to the bottom of it instead of buying the old mail order bride ageny hype.
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