Russian women, July 2013 trip to meet Russian women, part II


Russian women, July 2013 trip to meet Russian women, part II

On day 3 in St. Petersburg, Russia “D” had a date with Alina, a pretty, feminine 30 year old

dating single Russian women in St. Petersburg, Russia

dating single Russian women in St. Petersburg, Russia

who relocated to St. Petersburg from Kazakhstan with her family. She seems to want all the same things in life as “D” does: family, kids, a cozy home, etc. Her likes and dislikes are very similar to “D’s” but while chatting with her on line I picked up a bit of “flakiness” in her while translating their letter. She seemed like she could change her mind often. Alina took the day off work to meet with us. She could understand some English but not enough to hold a conversation so I made all arrangements for the date with her over the phone. We met her on Nevskiy Prospect, the central street of St. Petersburg, walked around for a bit and then decided to sit down at a Sushi place.

I should mention that I have an “unlocked” cell phone that I always bring with me when I travel to Russia or Ukraine. Once there we just buy a SIM card from one of the local providers and pay for enough time to last us for the trip (usually about $20 is sufficient for 2-3 weeks) so we always have a local working cell phone which is a lot cheaper than paying a global roaming rate to an American cell cervice provider.

Alina and “D” were having a lively conversation touching upon different subjects. She was very cute and sassy but she had strong opinions based some of them based on stereotypes and she didn’t seem very open-minded about changing them. She also exhibited some personality trates that could be difficult to deal with in a relationship. So we decided to end the date early and to call the third girl. Interesting how people can make such a different impression in person compared to their online persona!


We called girl number 3, Olesya but she had to work that night so we agreed to meet with her next day.

Olesya is a pretty 26 yo Russian woman who moved to St. Petersburg from a smaller city of Yoshkar-Ola

Dating single Russian women in St. Petersburg, Russia

Dating single Russian women in St. Petersburg, Russia

Olesya worked all night and slept till late afternoon. But she did call when she got up and we agreed to meet in 1.5 hours.

Her pictures didn’t do her justice. She looked much prettier in person. A very nice girl who also wants family and children but having a very difficult time finding a local Russian man who would be willing to committ.  “D” and Olesya spent the following day together as well getting to know each other better and seeing more of the city. At night we went to a Karaoke bar called “Ruki v verh” owned by one of the band members of a very popular Russian rock group with the same name. There we bumped into Olesya’s sister who was there on a date with the guy she just started seeing. Her sister was a very pretty, friendly girl who shared with me that she is disappointed in her date since he expressed to her that he wasn’t looking for anything serious and just wanted a casual relationship.

“D” wished he could spend more time with Olesya but we had to go to Moscow the next day in order to meet the 2 Russian women that he had been communicating with prior to our trip. Olesya and “D” agreed tha they would continue talking on line and tha there was mutual interest to take things further. And “D” told her that he would like to come back and spend more time with her getting to know each other better. She said that she would like that very much.

The next day we took the Nevskiy Express train to Moscow. The trip took 4.5 hours but the time flew real fast since I befriended a guy sharing our compartment. The guy was a former army officer just as “D” and a really nice, friendly fellow. We had a great conversation and exchanged phone numbers. He invited us to visit him in Moscow but that wasn’t meant to be since “D” had limited vacation time and wanted to spend it with his dates.

I had arranged for an apartment right in the center of Moscow by Pushkin Square about a 100 yards from Tverskaya St. which is the central street in Moscow leading right to the Red Square. We were about a 10 minute walk from the Red Square and had many nice restaurants and a supermarket right across the street from us. This supermarket (Eliseevskiy) is the oldest supermarket in Moscow and is a work of art in itself. Check out some  photos here:

The apartment was also very nice and clean, newly renovated and it cost about $135 per night for both of us which is at least half the price of what a hotel would cost us in the outskirts of Moscow. Moscow is a very expensive city, number 4 in the world (NYC is number 16 in the world!) so when you go there you will spend money. One thing I realised long ago that having a woman is gonna cost you money, one way or the other. And trying to find a Russian woman is not a cheap venture.

“D” had 2 women to see in Moscow, both 32 year old and pretty. Out of all the women Sveta was the most excited about “D’s” visit so I knew that she would want to see him off, possibly go to the airport with us to say good bye. So we decided that we should probably see her last otherwise there wouldn’t be any way to hide the fact that he is seeing other women on this trip. Knowing that they are not the only one he is coming to see is a kiss of death! None of them want to take part in “casting”. Russian women are very strong and very proud. On the other hand I feel like all is fair in love and war, so until my client gets in a real relationship with a woman he doesn’t owe anything to any woman. How can you have a committment to a person you have never met in real life? So we just don’t volanteer information about the other women, that’s all  🙂

Read about “D”‘s dates with Russian women in Moscow and what happened in the next blog.


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