Let me emphasize that you will be getting a highly personalized, One on One service tailored to you and what you are looking for in a mate. I will help you find and get to know women that match your criteria, education, looks and personality. I will be you relationship and dating coach, translator/interpreter, wingman, adviser and consultant.

With my assistance you will be talking with real Russian women directly within 3 or 4 days! No middleman!

After a few weeks you will have talked to a significant number of women and at this point you will be narrowing your search down to 3 or 4 that you feel genuine, mutual attraction and connection with. I will effectively remove any language barrier that exists between you and your women and you WILL get to know each other very well as if you speak the same language. I don’t just do a word for word translation, instead I interpret the actual meaning of what’s being said. Things like figure of speech, slang and humor generally don’t translate well word for word. I will make sure that you and your ladies really understand each other’s sense of humor, values, goals and personality.

I will also interpret in real time for you when you make telephone calls to your women. You will make a 3-way call to me and to a woman and with my help talk live to each other. This can be done on Skype as well.

Once you are ready to travel to Russia or Ukraine to meet your prospective mates I will take care of all the logistics: Help you book apartments or hotels in the cities we are going to visit, arrange for taxis, help you schedule dates – I have an unlocked phone that will work in Russia or Ukraine with a local SIM card. I will be your guide, interpreter, wingman and adviser. By speaking with women in Russian I will be able to tell a lot about their background, upbringing, personality, values and sincerity and will keep you advised of my observations.
It is always good to meet your lady’s family. I can observe her family dynamics and report to you. It’s important to realize that what is “normal” in her parent’s family unit is going to be replicated by her when she is married to you. I will be able to point out any red flags to you since her family will be speaking Russian among themselves and you won’t have a clue of what’s going on.

Even if your woman has a reasonable grasp of English language you will find it very hard to communicate on a deeper level. There is a lot of room for misunderstanding and I’ve seen couples have serious misunderstandings and fights because a woman perceived what a man said in English totally different from what he intended the meaning to be and vise versa. You really have to go through this to appreciate this very sensitive point.
There are many other things that you will find extremely valuable about my local knowledge and the knowledge of Russian language, culture and Russian women.

Many men come to me for help after they had spent $25K to $50K on scam, dating pro-daters, trips to Ukraine wasted on scam agencies and dishonest women. Worst of all is that even after they had spent all that money they were still single and looking. With my help you can avoid wasting years of your life and tens of thousands of $$$ on BS and get the real deal right from the get-go.
When working with me you will find the process to be fun, safe, a lot less stressful, a lot shorter and have the result you want at the end – marriage to a beautiful Russian woman.

I reserve the right to refuse my services, which usually happens if a client has unreasonable or unrealistic expectations, has criminal or psychiatric background or wants me to assist him in doing something illegal.

I have references from former clients upon request.