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Russian woman – choosing the right one for you


Choosing the right Russian woman Some Western men who set out to find a Russian woman for marriage are not being very realistic when they start contacting girls who are much younger and have the looks that are way out of a guy’s league.  I have already talked about age disparity in the previous blog, but picking a “believable” Russian …

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Trip to Kiev, part III


Trip to Kiev, part III Next morning is a bit of a Déjà vu. “T” arrives from Belarus at the train terminal and Dugger and I are meeting her with (the same) bouquet of roses… Roses look beautiful, Dugger looks beautiful and “T” looks spectacular as she gets off the train 🙂 . She is all smiles, very upbeat and …

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Trip to Kiev, part II


Trip to Kiev, part II It was nice to get a good night sleep after the 22 hour trip from Florida to Kiev. We got up early in the morning and had some breakfast (we pickedup a few things from the 24 hour supermarket the night before. The supermarket is conveniently located in a big shopping mall one minute walk from our apartment …

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Trip to Kiev


Kiev trip report 10-14-2011 through 11-05-2011 PART I Another trip to Kiev, a beautiful city in the summer, not as pretty in the fall, but we got lucky and the weather was relatively nice. Although I always have to adjust to the temperature change going from the upper 80s in Florida to around 40 – 45 in Kiev. At least the weather was …

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