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I just returned home to Toronto from a 3 week trip to Kiev with Eduard. Before I started working with him he told me: “give me about 4 months and you will have a wonderful woman in your life. Ed was right! It’s 4 months later and I’m now in a relationship with a wonderful, beautiful, intuitive, very smart and very sensual Russian woman from Moldova.
I know of no other better way for a North American to experience the FSU if you don’t learn the language or understand the culture. My experience is from an AFA tour and some websites that were scams and eventually led no where.

russian fiancee

russian match

Working with Ed was a very different experience compared to AFA and other websites I used in the past.  He helped me get away from mailorder bride agencies and look for women on local Russian sites where very few Western men look.
Eduard was very good at helping me getting women interested. He knew just the right things to say to them to get them to write back. He also gave me a lot of great advice on FSU woman’s psychology, how to keep their interest and how to take a relationship to the next level. Ed is very good at this and his advice is always on the money. I never had to worry about scam and being able to communicate with women without any language barrier was easy and made it possible to get to know them very well even before we went to Ukraine to meet them. Ed is a native Russian speaker and his English is excellent since he’s lived in the USA for over 30 years.

Eduard is a very honest and open person and I now consider him a friend. I could trust him as a wingman, having my best interest at heart. He is creative in finding the quickest and best solutions to situations that you inevitably find yourself in there. he helped me be more realistic in my search which probably saved me a lot of time (and money). Ed is the real deal, a rare treasure. His knowledge of the culture and language is priceless. He is honest and always had my best interest at heart. Now I have a beautiful woman who is in love with me that i never thought I’d find in North America.
Fresh off our trip together, I have to let it all sink in and figure out the next step.
Toronto, Canada

I’ve used Ed’s service this past year and his personal attention to my search for my soulmate was superior to any matchmaking service I used in the past. He listened to what type of girl I was looking for and gave me good advice throughout my search. I never had to deal with scammers or players… something that even good agencies cannot always accomplish. But most of all, I was writing to serious girls who were not contacted by a hundred other western men.

With Ed’s help, I was able to contact beautiful ladies who were searching for a good man in their own country but were not part of any marriage agency. Ed helped me find ladies who were not only gorgeous, but were also intelligent, highly educated and, in most cases, had great careers and interesting lives. None of them were looking for a western man when I contacted them. I met a TV anchor woman, a model, successful business owners, an actress, and even a successful opera singer. I always had good luck meeting quality women in the past, but the women I met with Ed’s help were cut above the women I met through the marriage agencies. He has a good sense of humor and he quickly put the women at ease during our first phone calls and face-to-face meetings. Ed made all the travel arrangements and he found excellent accommodations at very good prices. During my trip, I was able to concentrate on the ladies as Ed took care of all of the logistics. All of the girls that I met told me that they would not have been as open to me, if I had used a different interpreter than Ed.

russian love match

love match

The ladies that I visited on my trip were by far the best ladies I have ever met since my search started a few years ago. There were no surprises and no disappointments. The only tough part was deciding on which lady to visit again once I had returned home. Ed and I became good friends during my search and we still stay in contact. Ed is more than happy to help me communicate with my lady if she does not understand me. I highly recommend Ed to anyone who serious about finding the love of their life.





When I found Ed’s site I wrote to him asking about his service. About two months later I started to use his service.

russian love match

russian love match

At first i was skeptical and frustrated, but then i was corresponding with two females that lived within 35 kilometers of one another. One of the females was a very good prospect, the other one started to open up as soon as she found out i was really coming over to visit them. As soon as i met the first female, the thought of if i paid too much for this service, disappeared.
After the two weeks in Russia, i had to make a decision which i never thought i would have to make. Since both woman liked me, one more then the other, i had to tell a drop dead gorgeous lady, that she was not right for me. I am extremely happy that i have made the decision to use his service, i am going back in August for two weeks to meet Nedezhda, for a small vacation to Moscow and then to St. Petersburg. And I can not wait till i see her again.

I could see right away that Ed’s service would work. With Ed’s help I contacted many very nice educated girls and really got to know them well through letters expertly translated. It didn’t take long to find the one I would spend the rest of my life with. When I explained to Ed about the type of person I would like to meet he knew exactly what girls we had to write. Everything about the trip and meeting went very smooth. I was amazed at how quickly my wife was learning English during our time together. We had a great time sightseeing in Kiev and getting to know each other.

russian love match

russian love match

Since the first trip I flew to Russia to spend a few weeks with my Sveta and her family during Christmas. The Russian hospitality is second to none. Next Sveta came to my country to meet my family and friends. We had a great time and really got to know each other.
The Wedding! Everyone should hope to attend a Russian wedding. All the guests were very nice and participated fully the whole time. A honeymoon in Prague followed where we enjoyed sampling the food and drink and seen some spectacular sights.
Since then my wife and I have been waiting for her visa and last week we received the call that all paperwork is done. Now it won’t be long until we are together.
Before I met Ed I had tried this endeavor on my own and had I known would have saved a lot of time and wasted trips if we had met earlier.
Ed’s system works.

David from Canada

An update: David and his wife had their first baby early in 2013, congratulations!

After searching around other Russian dating sites and paying the high

wife from Odessa, Ukraine

wife from Odessa, Ukraine

prices for letters that could be real or not I ran across Ed and his
personal Russian matching service. I am very pleased with the
professionalism and care that Ed provides searching for quality Russian
women. He truly offers a very personalized service and works very hard to
help you find a quality mate. I highly recommend his service.

Ken G., Tampa

I was very skeptical when I first saw Ed’s ad and thought it was just
another junk scammer site, we’ve all seen them! But I was pleasantly
surprised at the response to my first mail sent to Ed, but still very
skeptical of course, after a few detailed and honest emails and a phone
call or two back and forth, I felt I was not going to get scammed and I’d
give it a try.

found wife in St. petersburg, Russia

found love in St. Petersburg, Russia

I’m very happy with all the work Ed has done, he is
very prompt with his mail reply and he takes the time to, I believe,
answer question openly and honestly. Ed’s experience and local knowledge
is invaluable and defiantly the most important part of his service. Most importantly I found my true love with Ed’s help. I wish Ed and his wife Elena all the very best success with their business in
the future. kind regards

John, Massachusetts


If you are curious about Ed’s services, I want to offer my first hand
experience and explain why using Ed’s help you have the best possible
chance of finding the Russian girl of YOUR CHOICE, without risking being
scammed by all those websites out there! I was a little skeptical about
using Ed to find a Russian girlfriend, but after a week or two it all made
sense. There are all these sites out there where you pay to talk to
Russian girls, and they speak to you in English….. and they tell you
they can come to the US on some type of visa. This is all a scam. The
majority of Russian girls cant speak English, and the only possible was to
get in the US is on a fiancé visa, but you have to travel to Russia first!
Ed is a very easy going, sincere person. He translates you and the females
emails quickly and accurately. He will even provide the Russian email if
you wish to verify his translation. He also offers his insight into which
girls are sincere and which are gold diggers. Ed married a Russian girl so
he knows first hand what you are going through. You get the opportunity to
see pics of Russian girls looking for a relationship, and pic which ones
you want to talk to. When you write them a letter you often get a reply
within a day, because Ed translates them as quick as possible. You have
access to thousands of Russian women and you get to pick and choose. The
girls are all real, unlike many other sites. There is no other place you
will find this opportunity! There are many ways of finding a Russian
bride, however many will end up costing you money and being a dead end. Ed
gives you a real, legitimate means of meeting Russian women. I would
recommend this to anyone, give it a shot and you will see what a great
service this is!

Andy, Hartford

I can’t express the extent of gratitude I feel for what you did, Ed! Olga and I are a perfect match even though we come from such different cultures. But

Russian fiancee from Ukraine

Ukraine fiancee

without your help we would have never found each other and couldn’t have gotten to know each other the way we did without your awesome translation! I appreciate your honesty, and hard work! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!!

Richard & Olga

The service Ed provides is probably the best method I have seen if one is
looking to find a real marriage partner from the country of Russia. The
women you meet are honest, genuine, people who are no different than the
profiles of those on American dating sites like Match.com except of course
they live in Russia. In a way, it’s almost like a Russian Match.com but
you have a translator/guide to help you along the way. I highly recommend
this service and be prepared to make a genuine connection with someone
from overseas.


former client

If you are seriously interested in finding a Russian wife, I recommend that you employ Ed at www.realrussianmatch.com as your guide. I highly recommend Ed’s personalized service because of his professionalism, extensive knowledge of the industry, and wisdom. First, Ed’s professionalism is exceptional. He timely answers e-mails and he explains his method clearly to enable his clients to understand what he seeks to accomplish. He fully discloses everything and he does not make outlandish and undeliverable promises. On the contrary, Ed explains the appropriate ages, physical appearance, and qualities that a man should seek in a Russian woman. He also tells men to look for women in their league, a mistake that men make too often, which instantly makes them vulnerable to a scam.
Second, Ed possesses an unrivaled knowledge of the industry. Many Americans and other Westerners foolishly believe that the primary scam is for the woman to ask for money or seek a Green Card. On the contrary, this amateurish scam is rarely the case because it is too transparent and the overwhelming majority of Russians women have no interest in emigrating and leaving behind their family, friends, careers, country, and the lives they have built.

The actual scams employed by the agencies and individual women are much more sophisticated. They typically involve fleecing men for services like translations, flower delivery, etc. They also try to lure Western men to the former Soviet Union and overcharge them for apartments, taxis, restaurants etc. The women they employ rarely have any interest in the men. In fact, they work for the agency as professional daters. The entire thing is a cleverly orchestrated charade designed to gorge money from foolish men. Ed uses a method that directly bypasses the agency trap.

Another scam involves women trying to correspond simultaneously with multiple men and having multiple boyfriends. These women typically are gold diggers merely interested in making money and nothing more. When I met with Ed, he helped me to identify instantly that my “girlfriend” was one of these vultures. When I did additional due diligence on her, I found that the “saintly lady” ran her own little dating business designed to fleece men out of money or get them to take her on expensive vacations abroad.

Ultimately, what differentiates Ed from others in the industry is his wisdom. Ed is a Russian and he understands the Russian mentality, cultural nuances, and the scheming nature of Eastern Europe. Ed can read “between the lines” to determine whether a woman is truly as sincere as she might first appear. He also knows how to identity good matches for clients based on compatibility using things such as common goals, religion, ideas about raising children etc. Moreover, Ed knows how to navigate Eastern Europe to save his clients money. Many taxis, landlords, and others in Eastern Europe routinely fleece foreigners by overcharging them. Having a native Russian speaker, and a sagaciously observant one at that, ultimately pays for the service simply based on avoid the fleecing of foreigners in the former Soviet Union.

Most importantly, Ed is brutally honest with his clients, as he was with me. He advises clients to have reasonable expectations, explains what Russian women communicate between the lines in ways that mere interpreting cannot accomplish, and he knows how to separate the sincere women from the gold diggers and opportunists. The undeniable reality that most foreigners fail to realize is that very few women desire to leave Russian or have an interest in Western men. In fact, the overwhelming majority of Russian women that actively seek Western men are scammers, opportunists, or gold diggers. However, Ed knows how to identify the type of Russian women that would consider emigrating from Russia to be with a man she loves and those that possess good marriageable qualities. He is a fountain of wisdom and the amount of money he saves on expenses, professional daters, agency fees, etc, ultimately more than offsets the costs of his service. Moreover, the result is that an honorable man will more easily find an honorable woman and be able to merge their lives together, build a family, and have a wonderful future.

In short, I highly recommend Ed and think his invaluable wisdom will help his clients greatly increase the chance of finding their soul mate. If you would like to know more, contact me via private message.

Marc, Alaska

I’ve been working with Ed since last February and we traveled to Russia and Ukraine together last month to meet the prospective women I found and corresponded with through Ed’s unique services.

You will actually be communicating with REAL woman and not have any doubts as to whether or not you’re getting scammed. This in itself is refreshing because I was victim of being scammed by an agency a few years ago. During the several months I corresponded with girls on the Russian-only dating sites with Ed. I discovered how Ed really goes the extra mile. Whether it was working around my schedule to communicate with him on Skype or phone (I work shift-work), organize 3-way calls to a lady, provide feedback/advice regrading the girls you’re communicating with …Etc. Services that are inclusive with Ed are usually additional at extra cost with others.

russian love match

hot russian bride

If you elect to have Ed accompany you to the FSU… There will be many benefits in doing this! You’ll have someone who is very experienced in handling the logistics of such a trip from apartment rentals & visa registrations to site-seeing and haggling for a taxi. This will save you serious $$$ like it did me!

Secondly, you’ll experience peace of mind knowing you have a native Russian watching your back and providing you with sound advice every step of the way… This is especially important because you can focus your time, energy and undivided attention with your prospective women and not have to worry about anything else associated with being in a different country where they can spot a foreigner (like me) from many miles away 🙂

There are so many cultural differences between WM and RW that often times it’s difficult to exercise sound judgment on a potential FSU soul-mate… Especially if you’re infatuated with her to begin with! Once again, here is another area where having a native Russian along who has your best interest at heart can be an invaluable asset!

Anybody who is serious about pursuing a girl in the FSU will have a very strong chance at doing so by recruiting the services of Ed. All you will really need to do is commit yourself and maintain focus. As some of Ed’s former clients may agree with me, the biggest hurdle that you’ll run into in the end is deciding which girl you will want to settle down with. I’m currently dealing with this ‘issue’ since I returned from Russia and Ukraine after being with Ed out there for 2 weeks.
Best of luck to each and every one of you regardless of which avenue you decide to pursue to find your lucky lady!

Max, Canada

Canadian client

I am a newbie as far as the whole process of looking for a Russian wife. I don’t profess to know it all. Recognizing that, is precisely the reason that I went with Ed’s service. I am 39 and I didn’t (don’t) want to spend the next 2,4 or 10 years figuring it all out. Can it be done on your own? I suppose, if you are very very lucky.

Through Ed’s service I have found the girl of my dreams. Time will tell how the book ends, but it is looking more and more everyday that it will have a happy ending. If you saw the emails and texts that we exchange you would see that.

found wife in Siberia, Russia

married a Russian woman from Siberia

Now, Ed and I did have our disagreements. Not everyone thinks exactly the same way or perceives things in the same way. We have quite different personalities and different ways of communicating. You can count on him to shoot straight with you and give you his honest opinion though.

The bottom line is that results are what matter in the end and I am very very happy with my results.The best recommendation that I can make is that if I had to do it all over again I would go with Ed’s service. If you are ready to make a commitment to the process I recommend that you take a look at his service.

M. from Vegas

found love in Siberia

A note from Ed: M and his beautiful girl from Siberia just got married in November 2011. Congratulations!

Update: had a baby in the beginning on 2013! Congratulations guys!

“I read all of these testimonials too before I went with Ed.  I had studied his responses on a variety of subjects on the Russian forum prior to checking out his site.  His commentary there is extensive and on a huge number of topics some and I would suggest that you look him up there and click on his posts to see his personal archive (I think there may be a testimonial page there as well for him). You can almost skip everything else by everyone else although there are a couple of other very bright and insightful commentators there.  You’ll get a huge wealth of knowledge by reading his posts.   THAT is how I checked him out and that’s how I suggest you check him out – OF COURSE you will be leery of taking the word on my or other testimonialssince you may well think this is ‘planted’. It’s not.  The man has an incredible record of clients to marriages/K1’s/engagements (I seriously doubt anyone in the world can match it in terms of percentage of success except maybe someone in India or another culture where arranged marriages exist).  There are reasons for this. There are some extremely skeptical people on the forum who like to cast aspersions on everyone, pick people apart on everything, and I was super impressed with the way Ed handled all of that. Except for one thing: if I were him I would have thrown my record in their faces every single time.  He did not and does not because a.) he is a nice guy b.) he is not the best marketer.

russian love match in Moscow

russian love match in Moscow

After spinning my wheels on ….how many sites? I don’t think I could name them all here, seriously, all kinds of letter fee sites, subscriptions, countless hours writing notes to a gazillion ladies, getting a few replies, then watching as those precarious leads fizzled to just a couple, not of ones I chose, but as the ones I ‘ended up with’.  Which were not bad, it seemed, and actually quite attractive, until I went to visit one in Moldova and the first visit of like 3-4 days I couldn’t get a kiss and the 2nd time when I wanted to try to see if it could develop things further with her I was told by her appointed interpreter friend that “Nastya is a lady and she wanted me to tell you that she would be expecting some gifts for her” (this after I was going to fly her and her interpreter into Kiev)  so I canceled their flight.  My list of misadventures goes on …or the one in Kiev who looked so hot in the picture and nice and wife material & wanted to settle down and when I met her she was with her friends and they were all working as ‘strippers’ in Dubai.   That list goes on.  I also think that although some Russian/Ukrainian women speak a little English the whole thing is a huge chore for them and when they get notes in Russian (the exchange that Ed supplies is in Russian) it changes the complexion of the exchange.  In short, I spent money spinning my wheels which is bad enough, but more importantly, I wasted a lot of time.  I’m not just talking about my time in writing emails and searching pretty much fruitlessly, but what about that year or more that I was doing that?  That was wasted too, and it’s a shame – I think it’s a more important waste than the money, by far, and I spent quite a bit of money on those wasted trips (2 of them).

I had the foresight to have engaged Ed just before I left for the failed 2nd Moldovan girl encounter, kind of as an insurance policy.  He scrambled to line up candidates to email and I worked on it just before I left and right before I was there this past November.  As chance would have it, I met the woman I hope to have come visit me here in USA (if she can get a visa) next month (6 months after we met) with Ed’s help.  What a breath of fresh air.  In the interests of transparency, I did also meet a couple of good women myself through a couple sites when I was there too: I think there is a strength in telling a woman you’ll be there next week and also contacting women when you’re there – that gets attention.

Ed worked very hard for me, is very insightful and conscientious about what he’s doing.  He is not perfect like some Roboton who has some kind of cookie cutter approach to everyone and he does not treat you like a number and something he’s in a rush to get through – you’re a human being to him first and you’re a client second. He is actually an artist by trade/profession and as such he’s got a lot of sensitivity to things and some feeling/intuition about people and things that I would say is above and beyond what most people have.    What can I say? He is a good guy.

I’ll add the obvious: he does a lot of the digging for you and the contacting and saves you a lot of that time and frustration.  Second: he keeps you on track in terms of making sure you reply, Third: he advises you and sort of oversees your responses a little bit, Fourth: he gives you constant input and advice, Fifth: he translates (his translating by emails is better than in person where he gets caught up in conversations sometimes), sixth: he fills you in on Cultural things, 7th: he filters the bad eggs out.

Lastly he looks after the whole process and the trip I went with him on was critical to getting a picture of things with the lady I’m interested in since she does not speak English well.  He laughs and jokes with you and you have a good time with them but he does not fail to get down to the quite serious business of advising you on what he’s perceiving when you’re with them.  He has been to Former Soviet Union countries so many times and has dealt with this on such a continuous basis on such a personalized level with so many men and women I highly doubt there is another person in the world so well versed in this.  Again, it’s a testament to the kind of person he is that he doesn’t constantly throw his obviously superior knowledge and experience with this stuff in the face of the folks on RUA who doubt/question/disagree with him on RUA  (in fact to my recollection, he has never do that overtly).

My only fear is that if it doesn’t work out with the woman I’m with and that if I’m ‘back on the market’ in this respect that Ed will be back in the music business or be too booked up with other clients to take me again!

Mark, Chicago