Trip to Kiev, part II

trip to kiev, first date

Dugger and "V", trip to Kiev

Trip to Kiev, part II

It was nice to get a good night sleep after the 22 hour trip from Florida to Kiev. We got up early in the morning and had some breakfast (we pickedup a few things from the 24 hour supermarket the night before. The supermarket is conveniently located in a big shopping mall one minute walk from our apartment building) and I called a taxi. By the way, it can be 2, 3 or even 4 times less expensive when you call a taxi service on the phone rather than getting one on the street. An amazing difference! The ride to the train station only cost $5 plus we stopped on the way there to pick up a bouquet of roses.

“V” arrived right on time and we were there waiting. She was very pleased with the roses, a nice hug and I called the cab driver (who I asked to wait for us if he was going to be in the neighborhood anyway). We went back to the apartments, dropped off her bag and went to breakfast to a very nice place that has a very nice interior, delicious food and prices are extremely reasonable ($6 or $7 per person will get you totally full). Great thing is that this place is in the same shopping mall 1 minute walk from our building.

“V” didn’t speak any English so I was busy translating for them. I had talked with “V” on skype a few times and developed a friendly repoire which helped a lot because it felt more like 3 friends meeting for breakfast having a fun conversation. When a couple meets for the first time there are usually a few awkward moments, many people are a bit nervous, so I know of a few good ways to take the edge off- one is to pull out my iPhone and show a woman photos and videos of my daughters, wife and dogs. They love it and it helps them relax. So “V” sees me as a family man who is committed to his wife and kids, so I’m OK in her book. And since I’m Dugger’s buddy, he is instantly OK by association, and that makes her even more relaxed about him and this whole unusual situation of meeting a foreign guy from across the world away for the first time. Since I help my guys find Russian and Ukrainian women who are not a part of the mail order bride industry they are not accustomed to dating foreign men so it is an unusual situation for them.

For 2 days Dugger and “V” spent time sightseeing and talking, getting to know each other face to face. I think that there was a mutual “like” there but not much of that special chemistry that is needed to take things to the next level…  She was reserved and didn’t show much emotion. Just friendly and nice, nothing romantic really… So we took “V” back to the train station since she had to get back to work. 2 days was enough time to figure out that this relationship probably wasn’t worth pursuing even though “V” was a very attractive, intelligent, very well educated woman.

Next morning we had “T” arriving, also from Belarus. By the end of our time in Kiev we took so many trips to the terminal that the taxi service I was using was already asking me if we were going to Central Railroad Terminal the second I called! LOL. Another funny thing was that “V” left those beautiful roses at her apartment. They were still looking totally fresh and gorgeous. When Dugger and I noticed that, we kinda looked at each other: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” and started laughing. Why let these beautiful flowers go to waste? …Yeah, I know, it’s cheesy… but who’d ever find out, right?

Well. let’s get some sleep so we can get up early and go to the railroad terminal to meet date#2 – “T”, the sexy musician lady also from Belarus. We can also get 15 minutes extra sleep since there is no need to pick up new flowers!

To be continued…

Look out for Trip to Kiev, part III.

  1. Simon

    I love it that you two were cheeky enough to use the same bouquet of flowers twice. Now that’s not very romantic, but the guy did pay for pretty much everything else, so I suppose it’s fair enough. I just hope that if ‘T’ reads this blog, she has a sense of humour.

    I’m still mulling over the idea of looking to date another woman from Eastern Europe. I used to live with a woman from Moscow over here in the England, so I know they are different in a fascinating way.
    I’ll ponder a while longer, but I wanted to tell you your service looks thorough and sincere. As for the Bride agencies, I think the old saying applies: ‘If it looks too good to be true…’
    I read a webpage yesterday where they had the picture of the lady a US guy thought he was going to meet in Ukraine, next to a picture of the woman he actually met. Yes, they were definitely not the same person; not even twenty years and a very hard life could explain away the obvious differences.
    Comparing the two pictures side by side, I couldn’t help laughing at what the scene of that first meeting must have been like. Poor guy. Or ‘sucker’ might be another word to describe him.

    It looks like you offer a great service, and it’s clear you’re trying to represent the best interests of both parties. Good luck to you.

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