Trip to Kiev, part III


Trip to Kiev, part III

trip to kiev, date 2

trip to Kiev

Next morning is a bit of a Déjà vu. “T” arrives from Belarus at the train terminal and Dugger and I are meeting her with (the same) bouquet of roses… Roses look beautiful, Dugger looks beautiful and “T” looks spectacular as she gets off the train 🙂 . She is all smiles, very upbeat and radiates nice, positive energy. A very pretty, sexy 41 year old who looks about 35.

Took the taxi back to our building, saw her to her apartment, let her wash up and went for breakfast to the same awesome restaurant as before. Great conversation, lots of laughs, followed by sightseeing of Kiev (once again). Very different vibe from “V” though – Dugger and “T” hold hands, there is flirting, and definitely some good chemistry going on.
“T” speaks pretty good English since she spent several years working in Bahraine so they are able to communicate pretty good. Any time I see the confused look in her eyes I jump in and translate for her so she understands everything that Dugger is saying. And when she needs help to say something I help out as well. Dugger and “T” are having a very nice, relaxing time together. At night we went to the night club. Music was Latin and Latin house, almost the same as what I used to spin at the Spanish night club/restaurant I DJ-ed at here in Tampa Bay a couple of years ago. Dugger and “T” are loving the music and the atmosphere in the club, and after we all have a bite to eat they are dancing the night away.

Trip to Kiev, part III continues…

Everything is going great. Dugger is definitely feeling a much better connection with “T” than what he felt with “V”. I though that they would connect well because we already knew that she was a professional pianist and vocalist. Dugger is a professional artist and his mom is a professional opera singer. So both are creative people.
Since “T” spoke pretty good English we decided that Dugger and her should spend part of the second day without me and then I would join them later in the afternoon. They went to a museum, did some more sight seeing and generally had a wonderful time together.

2 days was a little too short, but she couldn’t get away for any longer because of her work so we saw her off. We felt a little disappointed because the visit was so short, but there is always the next time. “T” invited Dugger to visit her in Belarus and spend more time together getting to know each other better.
Great visit overall! “T” has a lot of potential. “T” and I had a few conversations in Russian where I got to know her
better and got the answers to all questions Dugger and I had. So no red flags, green light all the way for now. “T” is a delightful lady!

Now we have a 1 day break before “A” arrives. Dugger decided that we should just catch up on some sleep and rest, since we are still jet lagged and feeling tired. It was good to take a break IMO, because it also gave Dugger a chance to regroup and refocus on his next date – “A”.

To be continued…

  1. Roy

    Okay would like to know the rest of the story. Got a cliff hanger here. If this is true and you are a 100% on finding the right lady for the right guy. Well you will have a client. I have tried other sites and I am not pleased with the services, either they are way to expensive, or use a credit system that is way to high in cost just to email and chat with a possible lady. Plus I do not believe in love at first sight, if I did then fairies, unicorns and elves would be dancing about. I just would like to be loved agian.

  2. Ed

    Don’t worry, Roy! Working on part IV right now, coming soon!

  3. Dude?!?

    Man, where’s the rest of this story? I feel like I just read a good book, flipped the page and found out that someone tore out the last 2 pages! Oh well, from flipping around the site I figured out who he ultimately chose but I’m still left with the story of how it came to be. haha.

    Anyway, you’ve really carved out a niche service which truly seem to be results-driven (compared to the “other” guys). Don’t know how much you charge, but have a ballpark number based on the value it would have to be around. Hopefully you’re still around when I save up that amount.

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