Truth about Russian women


A number of men who contact me have this idea that Russia is still like it used to be 15 or 20 years ago – basically a third world nation where people were very poor compared to the Westerners, everything was very cheap and US dollar went a long way in terms of it’s buying power.

Well, the reality is quite different in today’s Russia. Although it’s still not a Western democracy and corruption is rampant Large Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg became very desirable places to live, driving real estate prices through the roof.  A very small studio apartment on the outskirts of Moscow will cost you $160,000 or $170,000 US. A one bedroom apartment closer to the center would start at around $500,000 US and this would be nothing fancy at all. A nicer (but still nothing fancy – no granite counter tops, etc.) 2 bedroom apartment in a newer building with security and within 20 minute (by subway, AKA metro) radius from the center of Moscow will set you back about a million and a half, and yes, that’s in US dollars!

Did you know that Russia now has the largest number of billionaires in the world? Russia’s popular culture has been extremely influenced by the US. About 80% of TV programming is American movies and shows dubbed in Russian language.  They even licensed and did a remake of shows like “Married with Children” using Russian actors and you can watch a Russian version of Sally Jessie Rafael if (if you happen to be a fan) hosted by a lookalike in Russian language off course! Rap is huge in Russia! House music, trance and electronica are heard everywhere you go. Plenty of great (and not so great but still very expensive) restaurants, theaters, museums, concert halls and art galleries. And the night life is as lively as it was in New York in the 80s and very early 90s. Many cool night clubs packed with people! The energy seems tremendous if compared to struggling USA.

No, life isn’t what it used to be 15 years ago in Russia! Russian women enjoy a full life, with plenty of things to do in the city, they can also now travel easily to places like Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, Latin American countries and some of the Caribbean Islands. many can now travel to Western Europe and some can get a USA visa under the right circumstances.

Bottom Line: do not think that you will be “rescuing” her from some horrible existence in a third world country and “doing her a favor” by bringing her to the USA. Most Russian women would much rather stay closer to home where they have their roots, their support system: parents, friends, career, the language they speak natively and their culture. And if they could find a marriage minded man locally, most of single Russian women would. But here lies the problem: There aren’t enough men in Russia for every woman. The deficit of men leaves about 10 million women without  a partner. And in my opinion this is the main reason most normal Russian women would consider a relationship with a foreign man. They are not looking to “get out” of Russia, but if the right guy comes along a percentage of them will be open to developing a relationship with a Western man.

So if you have a notion that you will be doing a girl “a favor” don’t even get involved with a woman from Russia.

russian women

russian women

  1. titten

    i like to marry a russian girl

  2. Paul

    where are the hot russian chicks? I barely see any around my city

    • Ed

      Russian chicks? I would think in Russia, where else?

  3. kit

    “There aren’t enough men in Russia for every woman. The deficit of men leaves about 10 million women without a partner” dude you know that not every woman like men right? wow

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