Ukraine dating advice


Ukraine dating advice

So, you’ve been chatting with a lady from Ukraine on line. She doesn’t speak much English and you don’t speak Russian…

ukraine dating advice

dating women from Ukraine

and now you are planning a trip to Ukraine to meet her. Should you bring an interpreter with you on the first date if your lady told you that she just wants the first date to be one-on-one, just you and her?

bringing an interpreter on the first date if your lady asked you not to wouldn’t be a good idea. At this point you will just have to rely on good chemistry, your ability to read body language and common sense.
Even if you do have a few conversations through an interpreter a couple of days later, you shouldn’t think that you’ll know all you need to find out about her in just a couple of interpreted conversations. It takes a lot longer than that for a woman to open up and be herself with you.
In my opinion it works better when you eliminate the language barrier by using a translator for a couple of months BEFORE you make the trip to meet her. This way, by the time you meet you already know a lot about each other, had asked each other many important questions that needed to be asked and have a pretty good understanding of one another. This way when you finally meet in real life it’s going to be more about chemistry, and also getting a better, deeper understanding who each other really is.

Ukraine dating advice, part II

Another important point is that even when guys communicate with FSU women for a couple of months using a translator/interpreter they still may find that the woman they’ve been communicating with is not exactly the way she represented herself in her letters. Many times people don’t misrepresent themselves on purpose, they just do not have an objective view of themselves. For example: some people think of themselves as kind and generous, while others who know them socially will consider them stingy and rude.

Sometimes I wonder how a man like Joseph Stalin viewed himself. I doubt that he would describe himself as a ruthless, murderous, paranoid psychopath. More likely he would say that he was kind, selfless, generous leader, a caring father to the Soviet people who sacrificed his life for them.
I’m just making a point, that we can’t be completely objective about how we are. So a lot of times people don’t lie about themselves they just see themselves differently than you will see them when you meet and get to know them in person.

Ukraine dating advice, part III

When you are communicating with somebody on line you can learn a lot about their background, their family, values, interests, dreams and goals but the real test of how objective they have been about themselves in their letters or Skype conversations comes when you meet and spend time face to face.
In my opinion it is very important to have this initial, language barrier free couple of months of on line communication to give you a better perspective and to compare the two persona when you meet.

We’ve had different experiences with different women when we met them in real life. Some were very positive, where the woman was even much more appealing, nicer, more beautiful, more open and genuine in real life.
While others where writing very nice letters and seemed to be very nice people, but when we spent time with them in real life we saw the other side of them – bitchy, snobbish, rude to store clerks or restaurant waiters, dysfunctional family dynamics, etc. But they did sound great in their letters! Go figure…

When you are visiting a woman in her country, not only it’s important to understand how a woman really feels about you, but also how she interacts with other people – is she polite and respectful? Or is she snobbish and disrespectful? Is she a positive, optimistic person who sees the world as “glass half full” or is she a cynical, negative person who will always see it as “glass half empty”?

It’s very important to meet her relatives and friends and understand the dynamics of her family. Her family dynamics are going to become your future family’s dynamics (in most cases). If you are invited to her parent’s home for dinner pay attention to how they communicate – warm, friendly and respectful of one another or are they irritable and abrasive with each other? When her mom cooks, sets the table, puts food on the table and cleans afterwords is your girl being helpful to her mom with all that work or is mom doing all the work while your girl is having a good time?

Get to know her friends, who they are, what they do, what is their background.
Even if you take all the right steps, there are still no guarantees in life. But you can surely increase your chances of a successful match greatly by doing things right.

I hope you found this Ukraine dating advice useful and it will help you in your persuite of a Russian or Ukrainian woman.


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